TCs — Commandline

In using our systems via the commandline, the following terms and conditions apply:

Use of the commandline is for experts only and is considered a privilege. Please do not abuse this privilege. The uses of the commandline, and what constitute abuses, are outlined below.

  1. You are required to provide a written explanation of why you require commandline access if you need it, and you are required to explicitly list the utilities that you are likely to make use of. You are required to provide a curriculum vitae (CV, resumé) so that we can decide on the basis of your CV whether you have the sufficient responsibility and levels of expertise to be trusted with this access.
  2. You may only use the commandline to read mail with the pine or mail programs, or to edit your website or backups using commandline tools.
  3. You may not grant anyone other than yourself access to your commandline, as this may constitute hacking.
  4. You may not under any circumstances give your password to anyone other than our authorised staff and only for diagnostic purposes, and only as a last resort, and you must make a written note of the occasion under which you did so, and you must change your password after doing so.
  5. You may not attempt to access resources not belonging to you or to which you have no access rights. This includes attempts to access other users’ data, email, or website backends. You may not attempt to initiate commandline access to the server(s) without our explicit written permission. You may not attempt to hack, penetrate, or otherwise illegally access any digital resource to which you have not been explicitly granted access. You may not attempt to discover the names of users on the systems or their passwords.
  6. You may not use our systems for any other illegal purpose, including but not limited to attempts at hacking other systems, port-scanning other systems, or causing other systems or our own systems to malfunction in any way.
  7. You may not install any software on the commandline without our permission. We charge for software installation. Please note that most software installations may take several hours due to dependency clashes. We reserve the right to decline to install any and all packages you request if we deem them to be inappropriate or too complex to install.
  8. If your account is in arrears, we reserve the right to suspend your shell hosting service and/or delete your data and close your account. We reserve the right to decline to backup your data before erasing it, or give you a copy of it. If you wish to transfer to another hosting provider and your account is in arrears, we reserve the right to not hand over your data until your account is settled and paid in full.
  9. You may not store or use our systems in any way for retaining or keeping illegal or fraudulent financial or personal information of any person or entity whatsoever, including private material such as passwords, user login names, credit card numbers, ID numbers, social security numbers, or any other financial or access-related private information.
  10. You may not delete or clear the history of your commands. If you do this, it will be considered an attempt to cover your tracks and evidence of wrongdoing.
  11. You understand and accept that our staff will have the right to inspect your commandline history to see what you have been doing, at any time, for any reason.
  12. You may not use the commandline to create any malicious code, including but not limited to bulk mailers or port scanners.
  13. If you are in breach of our terms of service at any time we are within our legal rights to suspend your account pending investigation of your activities and negotiation with you. If you are found to have done something illegal, your account will be removed and your data, email and website deleted, and our contract with you cancelled. If need be, your activities and all electronic evidence thereof will be handed to the proper authorities for legal prosecution.
  14. You agree to be bound to the general terms and conditions.